About Chairman


Mr. Suresh
Asian Wrestling Entertainment

Master Suresh, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Asian Wrestling Entertainment since 2009, is a promoter, who has made AWE into Nationwide.

In his early ages he started his career as a Pro wrestler, later he created a wrestling association with 30+ pro wrestlers and that association grow into  “Asian Wrestling Entertainment”.

Mr. Suresh, is the very presonification of success and his determination to achieve his goals is the hallmark of his achievement as a Chairman ,Working tirelessly towards the development of  “Asian Wrestling Entertainment”

In 2014 he organized a Wrestling program to collect fund for orphans and mentally disabled children.,  for his incredible act of kindness, he was honored by the “Raja,Kumaran Sethupathy

He has received several awards for his contribution in this industry and his social activities.

Follow him on twitter https://twitter.com/sureshbwe